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team osteria pagliazza firenze brunelleschi hotel

The Osteria Pagliazza team in Florence

A creative, dynamic and enthusiastic team who have put their signature into the dishes and service at Osteria Pagliazza.

matteo morini osteria pagliazza firenze

Matteo Morini

Born in 1986, Matteo is the kitchen manager for Osteria Pagliazza. He arrived at the Brunelleschi Hotel after spending his apprenticeship in major Italian kitchens.

Here he has continued on his career path and dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the Osteria as a concept of a bistrot to the Santa Elisabetta restaurant.

Together with Chef Rocco De Santis, he is the creator of the menu with a more accessible cuisine that mirrors that of the Michelin-starred restaurant above.

Fabio Tognoni

Fabio is one of the two outlet managers at Osteria Pagliazza and Tower Bar. He brings with him a lot of experience and passion for the world of hospitality and in particular food and beverage. He is always looking to further his professional experience through his dedicated and passionate approach.

Fabio immediately came up with the idea to link the Osteria Pagliazza with the adjacent Tower Bar through drinks and beverages that would follow the mood of the chef’s dishes.

The Osteria and Bar have thus also become a calling card, a continuation or anticipation of what is happening at the Michelin-starred restaurant upstairs, with contemporary, gourmet proposals.

fabio tognoni osteria pagliazza firenze
lorenzo lungu outlet manager osteria pagliazza e tower bar

Lorenzo Lungu

Lorenzo is son of 360-degree catering.
Always ready, attentive and engaging.

An evolution that began with Fabio Tognoni and, after 7 years of separate refinement, together again, shoulder to shoulder, leading Osteria Pagliazza and Tower Bar.

His motto is “teamwork always wins.”